The publication of the products on our site is an invitation to the customer to make a purchase proposal and this proposal will have contractual value, once formulated will result in the full knowledge and acceptance of the conditions in the Regulation set out below. The contract will be concluded with the acceptance of the proposal by ARREDinITALY.
ARREDinITALY has the right not to accept the proposal without any compensation to the customer that requested without any title. The site offers products for sale both to user-defined "end consumers" both parties with VAT number.The images of the multimedia catalog, accompanying the technical product, may not be fully representative of their characteristics, since manufacturers have the opportunity to implement improvements to products at any time without prior notice .The actual finishes of the variations indicated in product sheets can differ minimally for shade because of the video settings used by the customer.

1. Company Info

The products purchased on ARREDinITALY are sold directly by the company WIA srl, duly registered with the register of companies Pordenone PN 102810 with VAT number 01765170939 Cap.Soc. € 10,000.00.
WIA S.r.l has its registered office in Via Guglielmo Oberdan 15 / A 33170 Pordenone (PN).
WIA S.r.l. is owner of the site and the brand of  ARREDinITALY

2. Acceptance of general terms and conditions of sale

The contract between ARREDinITALY (trademark of WIA srl) and the Customer shall be concluded with the acceptance of the order by ARREDinITALY. This acceptance is automatic, unless otherwise communicated to the client after the verification of the order by ARREDinITALY. By placing an order online, telephone or E-mail, the customer declares to have read and accept the general conditions of sale and payment transcribed below.
The customer must keep these general conditions of sale (in compliance with the provisions of art. 50 et seq of the D.Lgs.206 / 05) providing a print copy or save it electronically.

3. Purchasing Process

The customer can buy products sold in this electronic catalog on, as described in the relevant technical specifications or communications via email, partly as a result of contacts with the sales people of ARREDinITALY.
The orders are confirmed by ARREDinITALY via email sent to the email address supplied by the customer. This confirmation message will include the order number, order date, billing information, and recipient of the goods, details and merchendise prices inclusive of VAT, transport service and additional services, payment methods, the ARREDinITALY data, notes and customer warnings.
Once receipt the order by the customer, the ARREDinITALY will seek the verification of payment and then will proceed in the production / shipment of goods.
Any notice of non-acceptance due to unavailability of the product and / or longer delivery times than those indicated in the data sheet, it will be immediately communicated to the customer, by phone or by e-mail. In such cases, the Customer may, alternatively, to change the product, wait for the availability of new schedules to be communicated or cancel the order and request a refund for any sum that already paid.

The customer is not entitled to damages compensation, and any contract or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or property, caused by lack of acceptance, even partial, of an order.
Any changes to orders already submitted may be made by the customer within three days from the date of execution of the same and should be sent in writing to ARREDinITALY via e-mail.
Any changes to orders sent after this deadline (3 days) can not be guaranteed and will be otherwise authorized by ARREDinITALY based on the progress of production.

4. Shipping and delivery

Delivery Types
The standard delivery is carried out at ground floor and for particularly heavy and bulky packages the customer must work with the carrier to unload the goods.

Delivery at upper floor, where available, is managed as an additional service and valued in the cart among the available shipping options.
This service, depending on the type, volume and weight of the goods to be delivered, can be managed with different types of couriers and could result in a longer delivery time, even 2 weeks, than indicated on the article.
The lengthening of the time, especially for the types of products can not be managed with Express Service, they are due to the need by the carrier to manage, in addition to shipping, the availability of personnel (1 or 2 people, depending on the weight and volume) to climb to the top as well as to agree with the customer the day and time of the intervention.
In some cases, where specified, the delivery to the floor may also include unpacking of goods and disposal of packaging.

Direct withdrawal can be carried out from Monday to Friday in Via Delle Innovazzioni, 12 in Fontanafredda (PN); in which case any returns and replacements are performed at our warehouse.
We strongly advise you to make the Retreat at Warehouse entrusting it to "not specialized" couriers in home decor because, in case of withdrawal, Arredinitaly considered concluded at the time the order of delivery of goods to the customer or those appointed by him, and therefore is not responsible for damage or loss subsequent exit from our warehouse.
Purchases made on are delivered through national and international couriers, to the indicated delivery when ordering.
It is also given powers to the customer to pick up the equipment ordered directly at our warehouse.
During the ordering process you can specify a contact person and a place of delivery other than the data provided for the order header and billing.
For each order, ARREDinITALY emits appropriate accompanying document for the order (Transport Document) and the invoice will be sent to the address previously communicated by the customer email. For the issuance of such documents, authentic information provided by the Customer. After the invoice will not be possible variations thereof.
The shipping costs are calculated based on the volume of the goods and the place of destination. The estimate is non-binding and does not imply the end of the order, except after entering all the required data and the relative order confirmation request.
The customer can communicate every detail considered necessary so that the courier can reach the place of delivery, reporting it in order notes or through an e-mail to before the goods are shipped out of our warehouses.
ARREDinITALY will inform the customer by e-mail of the impending shipment. In the e-mail will be present all useful references to track the shipment. 

The national and international couriers making deliveries Monday through Friday during normal business hours set and indicated by them and can not be syndicated by ARREDinITALY.
No responsibility can be charged to ARREDinITALY due to delays in delivery due to the carrier in charge.
The products are packed and resistant materials suitable to ensure an optimal protection during transport, also in relation to the choice of type of conveyor to be used.

Upon receipt of the goods, BEFORE SIGNING FOR ACCEPTANCE, the customer is required to verify:
1) that the number of packages is those indicated in the transport document, reporting any deficiencies by inscription on the document that the courier asked to sign. (Example: reserve for missing parcel)
2) that the external appearance of packages is as specified in the transport document, in particular, verify that the goods shipped on pallets are not delivered pallets, if not report it with annotation on the document that the courier asked to sign. (Example: goods delivered without pallet)
3) if the packages are not intact and have bruises, torn or wet parts is crucial sign with "Packaging Reserve torn / wet / bruised"; no longer accept generic reserves. In the case of product with visible abnormality sign with words "Product Damaged".

Shown signs of damage caused by transport, the customer is required to report it to ARREDinITALY within 5 (five) days of receipt of goods by e-mail, complete with photographic documentation of the packaging and the damaged goods.
The Customer who for any reason have not followed the above mentioned of this contract, not making any type of reserve at the time of delivery, can not later claim to ARREDinITALY any shortages or damage in transit.

5. Delivery Time

ARREDinITALY undertakes to respect the indicated time trying to anticipate them.
In each product the average time are reported for delivery at destination of the goods, and should not be considered by the customer are binding on the conclusion of the contract with ARREDinITALY.
Delivery times can be checked at any time by the customer with the ARREDinITALY operators via telephone or email.
Any advance or delay in delivery indicated in the product or provided by e-mail or phone can not be identified at the time of the order, but only during the preparation or production by the same, will be disclosed promptly as soon as it will be the same ARREDinITALY aware. In any case they can not be considered by the customer for damages or compensation claims and any contract or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to people and / or things.


6. Payment Methods

The prices listed in the product sheet of the items ordered online, transport costs and any additional services visible in the cart are quoted including VAT. Following the path to purchase, the customer can select the following payment methods:
  1. Credit Card: in cases of purchase of goods with payment by Credit Card mode, the charge on the credit card takes place together with the completion of the online transaction. ARREDinITALY reserves the right to ask the customer additional information, such as identification documents and / or proving the ownership of the credit card used. In the absence of the required documentation, ARREDinITALY reserves the right to refuse the order. Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carte Aurore and PayPal Prepaid Card.
  2. Mark (valid mode only for deliveries on the Italian territory): in case of purchase on delivery, will be increased by an amount to the total amount, clearly highlighted at the time of the payment method chosen. The payment, to be made directly to the carrier, will take place at the time of delivery of products and can be made, depending on the order amount, in cash (up to a value of EUR 300.00), or by certified check (we do not accept non-circular bank cheks or postal). Bank drafts should be made payable to WIA srl and the carrier and / or ARREDinITALY may request a copy to be sent in advance by fax or e-mail. For orders placed with payment on delivery, ARREDinITALY, dealing mostly customized products, requires a deposit of 50% of the value of the truck to confirmation and acceptance thereof. It is the responsibility of ARREDinITALY send order confirmation with the amount of the payment to be paid. The interim dividend will be adjusted by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer to the coordinates that will be communicated. The acceptance and the validity of the order from the date of payment by the Client or from ascertainment by ARREDinITALY of any bank transfer.
  3. Bank transfer in advance: the method of payment by bank transfer provides for the acceptance and validity of the order, only after the payment by the customer and unambiguous receipt by ARREDinITALY the bank transfer. The data to execute the transfer is communicated in the order confirmation page at the end of the online process and in the e-mail order confirmation sent to the customer. The purpose of the bank transfer must contain the order number, name and surname of the order.
  4. Payment by PayPal :: involves the use of your Paypal account or charged directly to the bank account or credit card associated with the account in the manner prescribed by the Company

7. Right of withdrawal

In the presence of a client-end consumer the right of withdrawal is exercised in accordance with articles. 52 et seq of Legislative Decree no. 21/2014.
To exercise this right, the customer within 14 working days of receipt of the goods, to ARREDinITALY must send a notice by registered letter with return receipt requested advance by e-mail at declaring that wish to avail themselves of the right of withdrawal and indicating the order number, invoice number, code and quantity of the items, if the withdrawal is partial (only in case of purchase of several articles) or total and bank details for the refund transfer (CODE IBAN of the invoice).
The goods must be returned intact in its original packaging sealed properly, complete in all its parts (including packaging, internal protection, external protection, wooden pallets and any documentation and accessories: manuals, installation equipment, etc.) To ARREDinITALY by courier commissioned by the customer, and within 14 days of the date of communication of intention to terminate the contract.
The shipping costs for returning the goods are borne by the customer.
ARREDinITALY, after verifying the integrity of the goods, will proceed within 14 days of return to the return of the value of the product / s only deducting the amount of shipping charges, additional services and any cash expenses incurred to deliver the goods at the customer and indicated in the invoice.
The law applies to product purchased in its entirety; it can be exercised only on the withdrawal of the product (eg. seats or table tops).
Shipping for returning the material, up to the certification of receipt in our warehouse is under the complete responsibility of the Customer.
In case of damage to the goods during transport back, ARREDinITALY will inform the customer (within 5 working days of receipt of goods in their stores), to enable him to file a timely complaint against the carrier of his choice and to obtain reimbursement of the value of the property (if insured); in this case the product will be made available to the customer for its restitution and simultaneously cancel the request for withdrawal and therefore the reimbursement.
ARREDinITALY not respond in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned with shipments not insured by the customer.
Upon his arrival at the warehouse, the product will be examined to assess any damages not caused by transport. If the package and / or the original packaging is ruined too, ARREDinITALY will deduct from the refund due to the expenses incurred for the restoration of the same.
The right of withdrawal is lost for lack of the essential integrity of the property, where ARREDinITALY finds:
  • not diligent use of the good that has compromised the integrity or use of any supplies;
  • the lack of external and / or internal packaging;
  • the absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, screws, etc ...);
  • the product is damaged for causes other than its transport.
In case of forfeiture of the right to withdraw the goods remain at the headquarters of ARREDinITALY available to the customer to be picked up at his charge.
The right of withdrawal, as indicated in Articles 59 of Legislative Decree 21/2014, there is exercisable in the case of purchases of "... goods made to measure or clearly personalized" and then in the case of purchases of customized products according to indications of colors, fabrics or measures required by the customer. For the type of products handled by ARREDinITALY, mainly custom, made to order and on the basis of the indications given by the buyer when ordering, this right does not apply to most of the items in the catalog. For more information about it you should contact our customer service at number 0434/1706334 or e-mail, before the purchase.


The products sold by ARREDinITALY are warranted pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 206/05. In the event of a purchase made by a person defined as "end consumer" the guarantee is valid for 24 months and covers defects in conformity of the product. In all other cases the conventional warranty is 12 months.
To obtain warranty service the customer is required to keep a copy of the invoice.
Pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05, the guarantee applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided that the product has been used properly in accordance with its intended use. In case of compliance ARREDinITALY defect will, without cost to the customer, the restoration of conformity by repair / replacement or consensual reduction of the purchase price, up to the termination of the contract.
The customer must check the goods and its operation within 5 days of delivery. Defects already present at delivery of the material will have to be communicated to ARREDinITALY within 5 days of receiving it via email to, indicating the item code, details and photographs of the defect.
In case ARREDinITALY was not able to make the customer a product warranty (repaired or replaced), the same shall arrange for consensual replacement with a product of comparable or exceed that challenged or to refund the amount paid taking into regard to the use of the asset
In the cases of warranty replacement, ARREDinITALY will collect the defective material for the effective verification of claimed defects by the customer. The withdrawal will be carried out in agreement with the customer date and time slot.
The good warranty must be returned by Customer properly packed and complete in all its parts.
ARREDinITALY will take care of the organization of the transport back and return the goods replaced / repaired under warranty.
The customer is required to keep all the additional documentation of the products purchased until the lapse of the terms of the product warranty.
In the event that the customer is in possession of the original packaging you may ask ARREDinITALY sending new packaging for consideration that will be notified in advance.
The customer is required to keep a copy of these "General Conditions of Sale" in paper or electronic form valid at the time of conclusion of the distance contract (receiving customer order).
Contractual conditions ver. 01.2014 – 30.10.2014

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