The publication of products on our website constitutes an invitation to the customer to formulate a purchase proposal and such proposal shall have contractual value, once formulated it shall imply the complete knowledge and acceptance of the conditions set forth in the regulation below. The contract shall be deemed concluded with the acceptance of the proposal by ARREDinITALYwhich has the right not to accept the proposal without owing anything to the customer who formulated it for any reason whatsoever. The site offers for sale only and exclusively new products, both to users who can be defined as "final consumers" and to persons with VAT registration number.
The images in the multimedia catalogue accompanying the product data sheet may not be perfectly representative of their characteristics. The actual finishes of the variants shown in the product data sheets may differ in tone due to the video settings used by the customer.

1. Company data

The products purchased on ARREDinITALY are sold directly by the company WIA S.r.l.. , duly registered at the Pordenone PN 102810 companies register with VAT no. 01765170939 Cap.Soc. € 10.000,00.
WIA S.r.l. has its registered office in via Guglielmo Oberdan 15/A 33170 Pordenone (PN).
WIA S.r.l. is the owner of the website and the trademark ARREDinITALY

2. Acceptance of sales conditions and general terms

The contract stipulated between ARREDinITALY (trademark of WIA S.r.l.) and the Customer shall be considered concluded with the acceptance of the order by ARREDinITALY. Such acceptance is considered tacit, unless otherwise communicated in any way to the Customer after the verification of the order by ARREDinITALY. By placing an order online, by telephone or by e-mail, the Customer declares to have read and fully accepted the general terms and conditions of sale and payment transcribed below.
The Customer shall keep these general terms and conditions of sale (in compliance with art. 50 et seq. of Legislative Decree no. 206/05) by printing a copy or saving it electronically.

3. Purchase procedure

The Customer may purchase the products sold in the electronic catalogue on the website, as described in the relevant technical information sheets or in e-mail communications, also following contacts with the sales staff of ARREDinITALY.
Receipt of the order is confirmed by ARREDinITALY by e-mail sent to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer. Such confirmation message will contain the order number, order date, invoicing data and recipient of the goods, details and prices including VAT of the goods ordered, transport and additional services, payment method, ARREDinITALY's data, notes and warnings to the Customer.
Once the order has been received by the Customer, ARREDinITALY will verify the payment and then start the steps related to the production/shipping of the goods.
Any notice of non-acceptance of the order due to product unavailability and/or delivery times longer than those indicated in the product sheet, will be promptly communicated to the customer, by phone or e-mail. In such cases, the Customer may, alternatively, exchange the product, wait for availability within the new times communicated, or cancel the order requesting a refund for any sum already paid.
Any right of the Customer to compensation for damages is excluded, as well as any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things, caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order.
Any changes to orders already placed may be made by the customer within 3 days from the date of execution of the same and must be sent in writing to ARREDinITALY by e-mail.
Any changes to orders sent after this term (3 days) cannot be guaranteed and will be eventually authorised by ARREDinITALY on the basis of the production progress.

4. Shipments and deliveries

Types of delivery


Standard delivery is made tostreet level, then ends with the unloading of the goods from the truckand for particularly heavy or bulky packages the customer must cooperate with the carrier to unload the goods.


Delivery has the same features as standard delivery with the addition of an appointment service. The appointment consists of a call from the courier to indicate a day and time slot for delivery, which the customer may accept rather than indicating an alternative day and time slot, subject to the organisation of the courier's delivery round, and in any case during working days and hours.No responsibility can be charged to the Seller for delays in delivery or postponement of the appointment attributable to the courier.

Storey delivery involves the deliveryinside the home of the goods, where available, is handled as an additional serviceindicated and valued in the shopping cart among the available shipping options.
This service, depending on the type, volumeand weight of the goods to be delivered,may be managed with different types of couriers andmay entail a longer delivery time, even 2weeks, than that indicated on the item.
The lengthening of time, especially for the types of products that cannot be handled by express service, are due to the need on the part of the carrier to manage, in addition to the shipment, the availability of personnel (1 or 2 persons depending on weight and volume)for the floor as well as to agree with the customer on the day and time of the intervention.
In some cases, where specified, floor delivery may also include unpacking the goods and unpacking the packaging.

It is the Customer's responsibility to verify the technical feasibility of the delivery;verify the feasibility of the deliveryby checkingthe width and height of thepassageways.

Partial or incorrect information in this regard may lead to the situation where packages that do not pass through the stairwell or doorway are left at street level or at intermediate points in the route without any claim to a refund

Any delays due to causes not attributable to the seller such as delays on the part of the manufacturer or in delivery by the person in chargeoftransport cannot give rise to any liability or right to compensation. For our part, we take care to rely on trustworthy manufacturers with whom we have a history to try to avoid these problems; the same applies to couriers, relying on the main national and international networks.

Direct collection can be made from Monday to Friday atvia Luigi Einaudi,55 atPrata di Pordenone(PN); in this case any returns and replacements will be made at our warehouse.
We strongly advise against having the goods collected from the warehouse by "non-specialised" couriers in the furniture sector because, in the case of collection, Arredinitaly considers the order concluded at the moment of delivery of the goods to the customer or to a person appointed by him/her, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss after the goods leave ourwarehouse.

Purchases made on delivered by national and international couriers to the delivery address indicated at the time of ordering.
The customer may also collect the ordered material directly from our warehouse.
During the order procedure it is possible to indicate a contact person and place of delivery other than the data provided for the order header and invoicing.
For each order placed, ARREDinITALY shall issue a suitable document accompanying the material shipped (Transport Document) while the invoice shall be sent to the e-mail address previously communicated by the customer. For the issuance of such documents, the information provided by the Customer at the time of the order shall be authentic. No changes to the invoice shall be possible after it has been issued.
Shipping costs are calculated according to the volume of the goods and the place of destination. The quotation is without obligation and does not imply the conclusion of the order until after all required data has been entered and the order confirmation has been requested.
The Customer may communicate any details it deems necessary so that the courier can reach the place of delivery, by indicating this in the order notes or by e-mail toservizioclienti@arredinitaly.combefore the goods are shipped from our warehouses.
ARREDinITALY shall inform the customer by e-mail of the imminent shipment. The e-mail will contain all the useful references to follow the shipment.

National and international couriers deliver from Monday to Friday, during normal working hours regulated and indicated by them and cannot be unionized by ARREDinITALY.
No responsibility can be charged to ARREDinITALY due to delays in delivery attributable to the carrier in charge.
The products are packed with resistant materials suitable to ensure optimal protection during transport, also in relation to the choice of the type of carrier to be used.


Upon receipt of the goods, BEFORE SIGNING FOR ACCEPTANCE, the customer is required to check:

1) that the number of packages corresponds to those indicated in the transport document,pointing out any deficiencies by means of a note on the document that the courier asks you to sign. (Example: reservation for missing package)
2) that the external condition of the packages corresponds to that indicated in the transport document, in particularcheck that the goods shipped on pallets are not delivered unpacked, if this is not the case, note it on the document that the courier asks you to sign. (Example: goods delivered without a pallet)
3) if the packaging is not intact and shows dents, torn or wet parts, it is essential to sign with "Reserve for torn/wet/dented packaging";generic reserves are not accepted. In the case of a product with visible defects, sign with "Damaged Product".

Once the presence of a damage caused by transport has been ascertained, the customer shall report it to ARREDinITALY within 5 (five) days from receipt of the goods by e-mail, complete with photographic documentation of the packaging and damaged goods.
The Customer who for any reason will not have followed the above mentioned indications of this contract, not making any kind of reservation at the moment of the delivery, will not be able afterwards to claim to ARREDinITALY any shortage or damage caused by the transport.

5. Delivery times

ARREDinITALY undertakes to respect the times indicated by trying to anticipate them.
In each product sheet the average delivery time to destination of the goods is indicated, and should not be considered by the Customer as binding towards the conclusion of the contract stipulated with ARREDinITALY.
Delivery times can be verified at any time by the Customer with ARREDinITALY's operators by phone or e-mail.
Any advances or delays in delivery times indicated in the product sheet or provided by e-mail or telephone not identifiable at the time of the order, but only during the preparation or production stages of the same, will be promptly communicated as soon as ARREDinITALY itself becomes aware of them. In any case, they cannot be considered by the customer for claims for damages or compensation as well as any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things.

6. Terms of payment

The prices shown in the product data sheet of items that can be ordered online, transport costs and any additional services visible in the shopping cart are always inclusive of VAT. Following the path to purchase, the customer may select the following payment methods:

  1. Credit Card: in case of purchase of goods with Credit Card payment method, the credit card is charged at the same time as the conclusion of the online transaction. ARREDinITALY reserves the right to ask the customer for additional information, such as identification documents and/or proving the ownership of the Credit Card used. In the absence of the requested documentation, ARREDinITALY reserves the right not to accept the order. Credit Cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, PostePay, Carte Aurore and PayPal Prepaid Card.
  2. 50% when ordering and balance before shipping: in this case a surcharge will be applied to the total amount, clearly highlighted when choosing the payment method. This mode, usually used for items requiring long production times, allows 50% of the amount to be paid at the time of order and the other half before shipment.ARREDinITALY will send order confirmation with the amount of the deposit to be paid. This down payment may be settled by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer at the coordinates that will be communicated. The acceptance and validity of the order shall be effective from the date of payment by the Customer or from the ascertainment by ARREDinITALY of the bank transfer, if any. Likewise, a request for payment of the balance will be sent when the goods are ready for shipment. Upon receipt of the balance the items will be dispatched.
  3. Advance bank transfer: the payment method by advance bank transfer provides for the acceptance and validity of the order, only after the payment by the Customer and unequivocal receipt by ARREDinITALY of the bank transfer. The data to execute the bank transfer are communicated in the order confirmation page at the end of the online procedure and in the order confirmation e-mail sent to the Customer. The reason for the bank transfer shall report the order number, name and surname of the order holder.
  4. Payment by PayPal::: provides for the use of one's own Paypal account or the charge directly to the current account or credit card associated with the account according to the methods provided by the Company.

7. Right of withdrawal

If the Customer is an end-consumer, the right of withdrawal may be exercised pursuant to Articles 52 et seq. of Legislative Decree 21/2014.

In order to exercise this right, the Customer, within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, shall send to ARREDinITALY a communication by registered letter with return receipt anticipated by e-mail to the address stating that he/she wishes to avail him/herself of the right of withdrawal and indicating the order number, invoice number, code and quantity of the articles, whether the withdrawal is partial (only in case of purchase of more than one article) or total and the bank details to obtain the refund transfer (IBAN CODE of the invoice holder).

The goods must be returned intact in their original packaging properly sealed, complete in all its parts (including packaging, internal protections, external protections, wooden pallets and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, assembly tools, etc.) to ARREDinITALY by courier appointed by the Customer, and within the term of 14 days from the date of communication of the intention to withdraw from the contract.
Shipping costs related to the return of the goods shall be borne by the Customer.
ARREDinITALY, after verifying the integrity of the goods, will proceed within 14 days from the return to the re-credit of the value of the product(s) retaining only the amount of shipping costs, additional services and any cash-on-delivery costs incurred for the delivery of the goods to the Customer and indicated in the accompanying invoice.
The right applies to the purchased product in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the product (e.g. seats or table tops).
Shipment for the return of the material, up to the certificate of receipt in our warehouse, is under the full responsibility of the Customer.
In case of damage to the goods during the return transport, ARREDinITALY will notify the Customer of the event (within 5 working days from the receipt of the goods in its warehouses), in order to allow him to file a timely complaint against the courier chosen by him and to obtain the refund of the value of the goods (if insured); in this case the product will be made available to the Customer for its return and at the same time it will cancel the request for withdrawal and therefore its refund.
ARREDinITALY is not liable in any way for damage or theft/loss of goods returned by shipments not insured by the Customer.
Upon its arrival in the warehouse, the product will be examined to assess any damage or tampering not resulting from transport. If the packaging and/or the original packing are excessively damaged, ARREDinITALY will deduct from the refund due the expenses incurred for their restoration.
The right of withdrawal is totally void, for lack of the essential integrity of the good, in cases where ARREDinITALY ascertains

  • the non-diligent use of the good that has compromised its integrity or the use of possible consumables
  • the lack of the original outer and/or inner packaging
  • the absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, screws, etc.);
  • damage to the product for causes other than its transport.

In case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, the goods will remain at the headquarters of ARREDinITALY at the Customer's disposal for collection at his expense.

The right of withdrawal, as indicated in Article 59 of Legislative Decree 21/2014, may NOT be exercised in the case of purchases of " ... made-to-measure or clearly customised goods" and therefore in the case of purchases of customised products according to the indications of colours, fabrics or measurements requested by the Customer. For the type of products handled by ARREDinITALY, which are mainly customised, made to order and based on the indications given by the purchaser when placing the order, this right is not applicable for most of the articles in the catalogue. Forfurther information in this regard, we recommend that you contact our customer service, at 0434/1706334 or at the e-mail address, before purchasing.


The products sold by ARREDinITALY are covered by warranty pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. In case of purchase made by a person who can be defined as a "final consumer", the warranty is valid for 24 months and covers conformity defects of the product. In all other cases, the conventional warranty is 12 months.
In order to take advantage of the warranty service, the Customer is required to keep a copy of the invoice.
Pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05, the warranty applies to the product presenting a conformity defect, provided that the product itself has been correctly used in compliance with its intended use. In case of a conformity defect ARREDinITALY will provide, without any expenses for the Customer, to restore the conformity of the product by repair/replacement or consensual reduction of the purchase price, up to the termination of the contract.
The customer is obliged to check the goods and their function within 5 days of delivery. Any defects already present on delivery of the material shall be communicated to ARREDinITALY within 5 days from receipt of the same by email to, indicating the article code, details and photographs of the defect found.
In case ARREDinITALY is not able to return to the customer a product under warranty (repaired or replaced), it may proceed to its consensual replacement with a product of similar or superior characteristics to the contested one or to the refund of the amount paid taking into account the use of the good.
In cases of replacement under warranty, ARREDinITALY shall collect the defective material for the actual verification of the defects claimed by the Customer. The collection will be carried out by agreeing with the Customer the date and time slot.
The goods under warranty shall be returned by the Customer properly packed and complete in all its parts.
ARREDinITALY shall take care of organising the return transport and delivery of the replaced/repaired goods under warranty.
The customer shall keep all additional documentation of the purchased products until the expiration of the product warranty terms.
In the event that the customer is not in possession of the original packaging, he may request ARREDinITALY to send him new packaging for a fee which shall be communicated in advance.
The customer is required to keep a copy of these "general terms and conditions of sale" in paper or electronic form valid at the time of the conclusion of the distance contract (receipt of customer order).
Terms and conditions ver. 06.2019 - 31/05/2019

9.Limitations of liability

1. Within the limits envisaged by Article 1229 of the Italian Civil Code and, for the Customer/Consumer, by Legislative Decree 206/05, the Seller shall not be liable: a) for any direct or indirect damages suffered by the Customer/Consumer Consumer or by third parties as a result of the purchase, use (including improper use) and/or non-use of the Products, as well as their tampering; b) for damages, losses and costs suffered by the Customer/Consumer Consumer as a result of non-delivery or delayed delivery of the Product. 2. The time required to repair or replace the Product depends exclusively on the Manufacturer's policies and no damages may be charged to the Seller for any delays in carrying out such operations. During the waiting period the Seller shall not supply any replacement product. 3. In any case of force majeure or fortuitous event, the Seller, within the limits of the applicable law, shall have the right to terminate, in whole or in part, the contract, suspend or postpone its execution.