Choose the freedom to pay for your purchases in convenient instalments and customised forms.

Request financing in a few simple clicks

Choose "Findomestic Financing" as payment method during the online order process.

Choose the instalment

and you will be redirected directly to the Findomestic website to request financing.

Fill in the form

and provide the requested data.

Sign the online contract

and choose the digital signature by attaching the necessary documents.

Documents required before proceeding with the request

- Valid identity document

For Italian citizens: identity card, driving licence or passport
For foreign/EU citizens: residence document
For E.U. citizens: identity card, concurrent certificate of residence, certificate of regularity of residence or certificate of civil registration

- Income document

If employed: latest pay slip
If pensioner: pension coupon, Obis or CU form
If self-employed: latest tax return

- Health card

- Document proving domicile/residence address (Necessaryin the event that it is not indicated or is different from the ID document) Utility bill, vehicle registration certificate, etc.

Requirements needed to open a financing file online:

- Residence in Italy.

- Age between 18 and 75.

- Being a natural person (loans are not granted to legal persons).

- Availability of a bank or postal account.

- Identification procedure for anti-money laundering purposes if required.

Other information:

For the financing request you will be transferred to Findomestic's website, where you can choose the type of instalment.

The financing request must be completed within 5 (five) working days of the order being sent through the Arredinitaly website. Once this deadline has passed, without the financing contract with Findomestic being finalised, the sales contract will remain ineffective and the order will be cancelled. Therefore, we suggest you send the complete documentation to Findomestic as soon as possible.

Financing, as consumer credit, can only be granted in favour of consumers (i.e. not legal persons). Moreover, the person placing the purchase order and the person taking out the subsequent financing must be the same person.

For further information, please read as requested by Findomestic.

Advertising message with promotional purposes. For all economic and contractual conditions, please refer to the Basic European Information on Consumer Credit (IEBCC) in the online route. Subject to approval by Findomestic Banca S.p.A. for whichArredinitaly operates as a non-exclusive credit intermediary

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