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Altacom, the inventor of the transformable table .

Arredinitaly is an authorized dealer Altacom.

Altacom is above all tables, coffee tables and multifunctional consoles that allow you to make the most of space.

It has always studied and built real space-saving solutions that allow an intelligent use of space, reducing the overall dimensions to the maximum.

It designs and uses patented mechanisms that allow, if necessary, to extend the shelves, to adjust their height, to rotate them and so a small table can become a table or a console from reduced dimensions can become a table for twelve people.

Technology, practicality and design come together in unique products.

Altacom, convertible tables, extendable consoles, extendable dining and kitchen tables and much more.

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Ares Fold AT002 Configurable product

Ares Fold AT002

€1,777.59 Regular price €2,278.96 Price
Ares Mega AT010 Configurable product

Ares Mega AT010

€2,150.62 Regular price €2,757.20 Price
Ares Wing AT004 Configurable product

Ares Wing AT004

€1,738.57 Regular price €2,228.94 Price
Assist AT032 Configurable product

Assist AT032

€1,738.57 Regular price €2,228.94 Price
Bessy AT026 Configurable product

Bessy AT026

€994.42 Regular price €1,274.90 Price
Calypso AT049 Configurable product

Calypso AT049

€1,208.53 Regular price €1,549.40 Price
Celsius AT129 Configurable product

Celsius AT129

€1,280.85 Regular price €1,642.12 Price
Ciak AT034 Configurable product

Ciak AT034

€879.28 Regular price €1,127.28 Price
Combi AC005/190 Configurable product

Combi AC005/190

€1,326.53 Regular price €1,700.68 Price
Combi AC005/290 Configurable product

Combi AC005/290

€1,476.88 Regular price €1,893.44 Price
Compact AT031 Configurable product

Compact AT031

€1,051.52 Regular price €1,348.10 Price
Compasso Configurable product


€971.58 Regular price €1,245.62 Price
David AC025/195 Configurable product

David AC025/195

€2,503.66 Regular price €3,209.82 Price
David AC025/295 Configurable product

David AC025/295

€2,766.30 Regular price €3,546.54 Price
Davinci AC009 Configurable product

Davinci AC009

€1,634.85 Regular price €2,095.96 Price
Diario AT048 Configurable product

Diario AT048

€1,431.21 Regular price €1,834.88 Price
Double AT030 Configurable product

Double AT030

€1,337.00 Regular price €1,714.10 Price
Etoile AT029 Configurable product

Etoile AT029

€1,295.13 Regular price €1,660.42 Price
Fahrenheit Configurable product


€1,239.93 Regular price €1,589.66 Price
Febo AT046 Configurable product

Febo AT046

€1,735.72 Regular price €2,225.28 Price
Fenice AT050 Configurable product

Fenice AT050

€1,047.71 Regular price €1,343.22 Price
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