Company Information is a reality of e-commerce which deals with furniture designed and produced in Italy but behind objects and bits, as always, there are people, experience and passion. We are three partners who have known for years, who together have worked in one of the most important furniture districts in the world, that of the Livenza. This is one main lowland area which is characterized by the presence of springs and streams, including the Livenza River, which since the Middle Ages was a real highway can connect the alpine areas with Venice. The 19 municipalities of this district,  specialized in the production of furniture, home to 700 companies employing 12,000 workers.
We worked for a long time with important industries of this area until we decided to learn how to use the web instruments and get involved. Here we are doing what we have done for years, visiting companies, learn how they work, what they are creating and then introduce it around. Our work remains the same, only now that we can show it to the world, involving many more people.
Internet brings people closer, allows you to meet professionals and products with small gestures, from the screen of your phone or your PC you can search for what you need, you can review current measures, prices and if you get stuck you can always contact one of us .

The furniture for the house, for the office, the furnishings are not only objects but moments that enrich a space, your bedroom, your garden or the environment in which you work. The forms of a sofa or a chair allow you to live better, to work with more concentration or make your guests feel at home. We spend a lot of time in confined spaces, and make them beautiful and harmonious means to make a choice for our well being, as we do with what we eat, when we do sports or we follow our passions.

Our country has always been about more than just a quirk or a luxurious quality and beauty but an attitude that is part of our lives. It is natural for us to work with companies that create objects in tune with these values, which are actually known each other for many years, in which we trust and who very often find themselves close to where we live.
This site is like our home in which we wish to welcome you in the best way possible, so we built it in the easy way. We thought customize your choices should be easy, because you must feel at ease when you are here.

Virtual or real here they have little difference, in this space is like walking into our office, if you need advice, a project for your living room or your office, you know that you will always find someone.
Our dream is to make this project a reference point for those who look for quality products, designed and made in Italy. It's an ambitious idea, but we know what we sell, we know what is valuable and we believe that quality is always more important in a world of attentive people and aware of their choices

Welcome to this journey