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Santa Lucia is a leading company in designing and manufacturing furniture units for houses and hotels. We express our passion for “made in Italy” furniture in all of our production decisions, granting a strong customization, both for in-house designed products, and for specific projects developed by our clients. The origins of what is now one of the most important Italian furniture dating back to 1965, when in Prata di Pordenone was born a workshop around the passion for wood and furniture home. These are the years in which Santa Lucia Spa grew quickly supported by a vision capable of interpreting changes in taste with the variety and design of products, with reliable pricing policies and production logic that naturally enter the industrial phase continuously growing.In only a decade the small workshop grew to reach its present 40.000 square meters of production area and to employ 150 workers, becoming a great business reality and gaining a prominent role within that area of the furniture of Alto Livenza which is one of the most important areas in the world.

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ADAM Configurable product


€1,532.32 Regular price €1,915.40 Price
AFRODITE Configurable product


€177.91 Regular price €222.38 Price
AIDA Configurable product


€356.24 Regular price €445.30 Price
AMBRA Configurable product


€341.26 Regular price €426.57 Price
AMBRA BEDSIDE Configurable product


€168.07 Regular price €210.08 Price
ANDER Configurable product


€1,886.61 Regular price €2,358.26 Price
ARES Configurable product


€153.23 Regular price €191.54 Price
ARGO Configurable product


€568.76 Regular price €710.96 Price
ARMADIO 6 ANTE Configurable product


€1,207.31 Regular price €1,509.14 Price