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The Company was founded back in 1974, based on a revolutionary foldable and functional serving trolley, created by the Company founder, Giancarlo Pezzani, a creative designer and entrepreneur of the sector. As of 1992 is born a collection consisting of small pieces of furniture with an innovative design obtained by the harmonic synthesis of unique materials such as steel, aluminium, glass and solid wood. In the last period, the Company has developed in such an important way, that a new brand was needed. For this reason, to better reflect who we have become, the Management in 2011 changed its brand into PEZZANI Home collection. The new brand, which directly makes use of Pezzani family name, will better identify the Company as an Italian producer of elegant and sophisticated furniture. A daring marketing decision truly reflecting the transformation that the Company has undergone during its history.

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ANGOLO RIFLESSO Configurable product


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