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Limac Design is a brand Astra, a company founded in 1998, which produces accessories for the home. The articles are produced entirely in Italy by local master craftsmen proposing Italian design in the processing of various materials including leather and steel, available in various colors. The Limac Design line is the result of
a continuous confrontation between the company, the artisans and the commercials, concretizing with unique items what the customer asks, proposing a suitable solution that makes each dwelling a unique and authentic environment.

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AMBROGIO Configurable product


€178.32 Regular price €212.28 Price
BATTISTA Configurable product


€178.32 Regular price €212.28 Price
CADIN holder Configurable product

CADIN holder

€373.03 Regular price €444.08 Price
CANISTRO Configurable product


€183.44 Regular price €218.38 Price
Holder BOTTE Configurable product

Holder BOTTE

€347.41 Regular price €413.58 Price
Holder FABIA Configurable product

Holder FABIA

€383.28 Regular price €456.28 Price
Holder GIRO Configurable product

Holder GIRO

€378.15 Regular price €450.18 Price
Holder TONDA Configurable product

Holder TONDA

€377.13 Regular price €448.96 Price
Holder VOLTA Configurable product

Holder VOLTA

€450.91 Regular price €536.80 Price
POLIGONO Configurable product


€188.56 Regular price €224.48 Price
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