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  • EMI SG | SCAB | Arredinitaly
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  • EMI SG | SCAB | Arredinitaly
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  • EMI SG | SCAB | Arredinitaly
  • EMI SG | SCAB | Arredinitaly
  • EMI SG | SCAB | Arredinitaly
  • EMI SG | SCAB | Arredinitaly
  • EMI SG | SCAB | Arredinitaly
  • EMI SG | SCAB | Arredinitaly
  • EMI SG | SCAB | Arredinitaly

EMI stool by SCAB, in glass fiber reinforced technopolymer for outdoor use.

Made in Italy, sold in sets of 4, stackable.

Made in Italy

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The EMI stool, a high quality product made by SCAB and available on Arredinitaly, is the perfect solution to enrich outdoor spaces with a touch of versatility and style. Made of durable technopolymer, this stool is designed to withstand the elements, offering a durable and quality seating solution.

The EMI stool is characterised by its stackable functionality, making it extremely practical in terms of storage and transportation. You can easily stack multiple EMI stools to save space when not in use, allowing you to better organise your outdoor environment. This clever feature makes it ideal for outdoor events or for creating flexible and comfortable configurations.

Certified by CATAS, an internationally recognised certification authority, the EMI stool guarantees quality, safety and durability. Subjected to rigorous strength and durability tests, you can be sure that this stool will be able to cope with the challenges of the outdoor environment without any problems. CATAS certification is a guarantee of quality and reliable performance.

The EMI stool is specially designed for outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces or outdoor bars. Its durable and lightweight construction makes it easy to move and position according to your needs. Whether you are organising a garden party or simply want to relax outdoors, the EMI stool offers comfort and practicality.

Proudly made in Italy, the EMI stool represents Italian craftsmanship and design excellence. Every detail, from the selection of materials to the careful workmanship, is carefully considered to offer a stool that flawlessly combines aesthetics and functionality. By choosing the EMI stool, you can add a touch of Italian elegance to your outdoor spaces.

Choose from a variety of available finishes to customise the EMI stool to suit your style and the needs of your space. Express your personality and create the desired atmosphere with this modern and versatile stool design.

Buy the EMI stool on Arredinitaly and transform your outdoor spaces into an oasis of comfort and style. Enjoy pleasant moments outdoors with a product made in Italy that guarantees quality, durability and an attractive design.

Seat H 65: L. 47,5 -P. 47,5 -H. 98,5 -Seat height 65
Seat H 75: L. 47,5 -P. 48,5 -H. 108,5 -Seat height 75

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Frame Structure
4 Legs
Seat Material
Stucture Material
Without Armrests
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Pronta consegna

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