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with wooden slats with differentiated bearing with suspensions in non-deformable SEBS

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TRIOFLEX ORTHOPEDIC BEDBASE as part of a family of slats made entirely of high quality wood, made of evaporated beech plywood, which guarantees its strength and durability.

Three sticks with melamine textile finishing, this model is characterized by a resting plan
articulately flexible thanks to the 25 mm slats that follow the shapes of the
body in the various positions taken during rest.

The frame of the Ergogreen slats is designed and built to last in time without deforming.
To prove its high strength are also the Catas - renowned testing and analysis lab for
the wood furniture industry - simulating the use of the product over the years for example for
with regard to fatigue, vertical impact resistance, stability, durability, edge load and a series of
crucial factors in the life cycle of a bed. One of the most significant innovations brought by Ergogreen
in the field of bed nets there is then the total absence of screws for assembly of the structure and
for movement

Antireflux position:
Those who suffer from reflux or swallowing cardias know well how important it is to do that
gastric juices do not date the digestive system causing annoying burns and worsening the
general conditions of health: for this reason it is usually recommended to those who are affected by sleep
with the slightly raised bust so as to be "helped" by the force of gravity, endorsing with
of pillows to be placed under the bust.
A solution that, while on the one hand is certainly helpful in providing relief from gastric reflux,
on the other hand, runs the risk of taking uncomfortable positions that can ruin the sleep or even
causing pain: the answer? A slatted base specially designed to lift evenly
while at the same time maintaining the correct position.

The different forms,
dimensions and finishes of the slats that make up the Ergogreen slats, guarantee every area
the body's support and rigidity are ideal: so the rest is really perfect.

The exclusive design of the seagull wing slope developed by Ergogreen naturally welcomes the parts
which can also rely on different elasticity: if the special cuts make the
slats at shoulder height, rigs are provided for the basin.

The tilting joints
are designed to cushion the movements and to allow different degrees of elasticity depending on the
used material.
Flexible and rugged, they last for a long time while keeping their performance unchanged while
the use of different materials, ranging from the SEBS to the TPEE, enables different performance of the various
elements that cushion the movements so as to naturally support the shapes of the
body. All Ergogreen solutions have in common the ability to keep materials
unchanging their elasticity properties even after frequent and repeated stresses.

The handling of Ergogreen slats can LUMINESCENE rely on high perfomance engines, robust, silent engines
and also ecologically, because they stand out for low energy consumption, so much so that in
stand-by use less than 0.5W, while innovative I-SMPS technology almost reaches
reset the electromagnetic field produced by the handling system. Fast in the
lifting (4.3 mms) and powerful (4500 or 6500 N), the Ergogreen engines are durable
over time and allow you to take your favorite position at any time
silent and comfortable way.
In the event of a power failure, the emergency battery allows you to lower the backrest and
pedestrian at any time.
Maximum comfort also with regard to the radio frequency control that controls them
different movements. Thanks to the built-in receiver there are no cables that can

<0.3 W (Zero Watt System) <0.3 W (Zero Watt System) 2 X 4.500 N 2 X 4.500 N RADIO FREQUENCY
The centrally positioned engine ensures balanced and parallel lifting of the backrest
and footboard.

PS:  -Specify if weigh more than kg. 100. It is necessary for the choice of thickness suitable slats
        -On all models from 91 to 159 cm there is no "SEAGULL WING" slat
        -Specify the height of the taper feet cm.5.5 h 25/30/35 cm

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TRIOFLEX ORTHOPEDIC BEDBASE with wooden slats with differentiated bearing with suspensions in non-deformable SEBS

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